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                • position: english teachers
                • country: p.r. china
                • city: luoyang
                • name of institute:luoyang normal university
                • foreign teachers'free life new...
                University of Malaysian Management and Science visited our school

                University of Management and Science in Malaysia, Mohamed Shukari Abu Yajid, visited our school on 29th March. The two universities' education cooperation and exchange meeting was held in the conference room B301 in Chengjun Building. President Liang Liuke, and Vice President Zhao Haiyan, as well as the heads of the International Cooperation Exchange Office and the Academic Affairs Office attended the forum.

                President Liang expressed his warm welcome to Mohammad Shukari Abu Yage and his delegation, and then he introduced the concept of running school and the teaching achievements of the school to the guests. He thought highly of the achievements in international cooperation and exchanges in recent years and gave a detailed introduction to the "Heluo College". He hoped the two universities could enhance cooperation in varies fields.He believes that the cooperation with our university will further enhance the international status of the Malaysian University of Management and Science. He hopes that students from Luoyang Normal University can come to Malaysia to experience different cultures. Malaysian students come to China to admire Luoyang Normal University.

                Mohamad Shukari Abu Yajid gave a detailed introduction to the establishment of the Malaysian Management and Science University. He introduced three pillars of Malaysian Management and Science University:internationalization, school-enterprise alliance, student innovation and entrepreneurship services.

                The two sides signed a framework agreement for cooperation and exchange.The Malaysian University of Management and Science has several campuses around the world including India, Jakarta, and Sri Lanka. The “School-Enterprise Joint” school-running model was supported by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia. The employment rate of students reached 98.6% and the school’s reputation was well-known overseas.



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