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                • position: english teachers
                • country: p.r. china
                • city: luoyang
                • name of institute:luoyang normal university
                • foreign teachers'free life new...
                Belarusian National University of Culture and Arts Visited Our School

                The Vice-Chancellor of the National University of Arts and Culture, Belarus, Ms. Kobut An Lina Anna Dreyfrey, visited our school on October 13th. President Liang Liuke cordially received the guests,  the person in charge of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the School of Music, the School of Journalism and Communication, and the College of Arts attended the symposium. Vice President Pan Liuzhuan presided over the symposium.

                Mr. Liu expressed a warm welcome to Ms. Kobut An Lina Anna and her delegation, and gave a detailed introduction of the history, teachers, discipline construction and development goals of our school. He pointed out that in recent years, our school carried out exchanges and cooperation with Italy, South Korea, Ireland and other foreign universities. Especially we established a profound friendship with the National University of Arts and Culture of Belarus.  The two schools made good progress in students joint training, teachers study and other works. Nowadays, there is a new opportunity for the educational cooperation between China and Belarus under the strategy of the "The Belt and Road Initiative", and it is hoped that the two universities have better international exchanges and cooperation in future.

                Ms. Kobut An Lina Anna Dreyfrey expressed her appreciation for the warm reception and introduced the relevant situation of the National University of Arts and Culture, Belarus. The two schools discussed about specific matters such as teacher exchange, student exchange, cultural and artistic cooperation. And the two schools reached a consensus about building a Confucius Institute.

                Subsequently, A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Luoyang Normal University and the Belarusian National University of Culture and Arts, and Ms. Kobut An Lina Anna was awarded "honorary professor certificate".

                Established in 1975 and located in the center of Belarus's capital, Minsk. Belarusian National University of Culture and Arts was built on the basis of the original Minsk Cultural Institute. The goal of the university is to cultivate high-level outstanding professionals in the field of arts and culture in Belarus containing the Faculty of Culture and Social and Cultural Activities, the Belarusian Traditional Culture and Modern Art Academy, the Library Information Systems Management School, the Academy of Music Arts, the Training college and the Correspondence Education college with 126 professors, associate professor.


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