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                • position: english teachers
                • country: p.r. china
                • city: luoyang
                • name of institute:luoyang normal university
                • foreign teachers'free life new...
                City University of Malaysia visited our university


                Malaysian delegation visited our university on the afternoon of September 27, whose members include Mr. Datuk Lam Hengyi, Vice Chairman of the MCA China Affairs Committee, Executive Vice Chairman of the MCA Center, and Vice President of the Central Chamber of Commerce in MalaysiaMr. Ni Zhengli, President of the City University of Malaysia, Mr. Wang Yong, General Manager of Henan Yujiao International Education Consulting Service Co.,Ltd, Mr. Jiang Zhongqi, Executive Vice President of the School of Business Innovation of Malaysia, Mr. Fang Lei, Project Manager of Henan Yujiao International Education Consulting Co., Ltd.

                    Principal Liang Liuke and vice president Pan Liuzhan met the guests at B301 of Chengjun Building. deans of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Preschool Education College, School of Education Science, school of literature, School of Mathematical Sciences, etc. attended the meeting. Vice President Pan Liuzhuan presided over the meeting.

                    The guests watched the anniversary film of our university’s 100th birthday.

                    Mr. Liang expressed his warm welcome to the Malaysian delagation and introduced our history, teaching staffs, scientific research, teaching practice and international cooperation and exchanges. He said that our school has a prominent advantage in teachers’ training, the two sides may have good prospects for cooperation in arts, pre-school education, life science and other fields.

                    Liang stated the contents of the cooperation between the two sides: Heluo College of Luoyang Normal University and Confucius Institute of Arts should be established in Malaysia. Luoyang Normal University need to set a Nanyang International College for Malaysian City University, In the area of scientific research, it is hoped that both sides will set up the Malaysian Research Center to carry out fruitful cooperation on projects of common interest and specific research areas; In the construction of the think tank, setting China and Malysia Research Center.  

                    Mr. Lin Hengyi gave a speech, he hoped that Heluo Culture can be spread through the cooperation of both sides and it can play a greater role in the economy and personnel training ; the two sides can jointly carry out the Pan-Asian railway on the impact of neighboring countries Research. To achieve the exchange and cooperation of talent through e-commerce personnel training. Mr. Ni Zhengli expressed thanks to the invitation of Luoyang Normal University. He said the two sides have broad cooperation spaces.

                    After the meeting, the principal Liang Liuke and Mr. Ni Zhengli signed a cooperation agreement,  Mr. Liang awarded honorary professor to Mr. Lin Hengyi and presented souvenirs for Malaysian guests. principal Liang Liuke, vice president Pan Liuzhang, Mr. Lin Hengyi, and Mr. Ni Zhengli unveiled for the China and Malysia Reserach institute, and Nanyang International College of Malaysian City University .































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