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                • position: english teachers
                • country: p.r. china
                • city: luoyang
                • name of institute:luoyang normal university
                • foreign teachers'free life new...
                Chairman of Sanrisu Visited Our University

                On September 25, Zhijiang Changze, Chairman of Sanrisu, visited our University and was received by Liang Liuke, principal of our university. A meeting was held at the conference room 301 in Chengjun Building.

                 Mr. Liang reviewed the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities and expressed heartfelt thanks for their supports on overseas internship training and teacher training of our university. Liang hoped that the two work together to actively promote the construction of overseas internship bases and further enhance the level of international cooperation and exchange.

                Zhijiang agreed to focus on promoting the overseas internships, overseas research, overseas employment cooperation between the two universities.

                A cooperation agreement was signed and Zhijiang was awarded the honorary professor of our university.





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